Pioneer Unveils its Most Powerful and Versatile Set-Top Box Yet

The Voyager™ 4000 Brings High Definition and DVR Functionality Home

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., a leading cable technology provider, is presenting the set-top box that has generated widespread enthusiasm in the cable TV industry, the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR. The company's dual-tuner high definition digital video recorder set-top box will be featured in Pioneer's booth #138 at this week's National Show (NCTA) at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.

"Voyager 4000's powerful DVR capabilities provide state-of-the-industry functionality and connectivity so operators can usher their subscribers into the new digital age," said Paul Dempsey, president of the Business Solutions Division at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "We are in a position to offer cable operators a real competitive edge with a product offering that is designed to generate new revenues, reduce churn and uniquely cater to their high-end customers."

Pioneer's Voyager 4000 HD-DVR builds on its long history of cable product innovations. Featuring a dual HD tuner configuration (860 MHz), the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR allows for watch-and-archive and picture-in-picture capabilities. A robust hard-disk drive is incorporated to allow for full non-linear control-- a capability that combines the immediacy of live TV with computer-like storage and accessibility, with the time shift control of DVD. Cable customers will be able to pause live programming and manage their video programming without missing a beat. Pioneer's newly released interactive navigation suite, Passport™ Echo, is fully optimized to run on Voyager 4000, enabling cable customers to cache, catalog and store programming for later retrieval.

  • Watch and Archive: an HD dual tuner allows for both high-definition and standard television signals to be encoded onto the hard disk drive simultaneously, so viewers can watch and archive two programs at once.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Video in corner screen keeps viewers continuously connected to programming, allowing them to view two programs simultaneously. DVR features can be applied to both video windows.
  • Video Up and Down Conversion: Cable customer configurable controls enable the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR to output screen resolutions optimized for any display type from standard definition to high definition in a variety of formats. Incoming video resolutions are detected and up-converted or down-converted automatically based on the configured output.
  • Content Security: The Voyager 4000 HD-DVR comes equipped with Macrovision, DVI (HDCP 1.0), and IEEE-1394 with 5C.
  • Expanded Connectivity: In addition to DVI and IEEE-1394, the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR comes equipped with a host of useful connections including component, baseband, SPDIF, USB, and S-Video.
  • Advanced dual processing power: This provides optimum display of high-resolution graphics simultaneously with HD video using a pallet of 65,000 colors.
  • Supports leading audio standards: The set-top box provides CD quality, digital sound including Dolby® AC3®. Analog to digital conversion provides for optimum enjoyment of home theater systems' Hi-Fi digital capabilities.

About Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., Cable and Communications Division

Pioneer has a 25-year history as a leading hardware provider in the cable television industry. The company has deployed more than 10 million analog and digital cable set-top boxes within the U.S., featuring the Voyager® series of advanced digital cable products. With its steadfast dedication to technological development, Pioneer's Cable and Communications Group continues to be an innovative leader in the cable television industry. It is a part of the Business Solutions Division, which provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, educational, medical, legal, and banking. Pioneer is one of only three companies enjoying a major share among digital set-top boxes deployed in the country today. Visit Pioneer Cable and Communications at .