Pioneer Sponsors Blanco Pro Cycling Team, Dutch UCI Pro Team

Blanco Team to Utilize Pioneer Cyclocomputer for Real-time Left and Right Pedaling Power and Efficiency Analysis

Pioneer Corporation signed a sponsorship agreement with the Blanco Pro Cycling Team to outfit each of their riders with Pioneer’s advanced cyclocomputer technology, a “first in the world,” offering real-time information of left and right pedaling power, efficiency and performance analysis while cycling. The Blanco Pro Cycling Team, one of 19 professional teams in the Union Cycliste Internationale and competes in the extreme UCI World tour racing circuit, will utilize Pioneer’s breakthrough high-performance cycling computer and pedaling monitor as a training tool for the riders as well as an analysis companion for all races throughout the globe.  

The two part system consisting of the SGX-CA900 high-performance cyclocomputer and the SGY-PM900 wireless water resistant strain gauge sensor was introduced in November 2011, to embark on Pioneer’s new direction in “developing new business.” The bicycle technology was then exhibited and demonstrated last year at the 2012 Eurobike and Interbike shows where it received exceptional praise from enthusiasts, professionals and the media. The next business phase of the Pioneer cycling technology before the release of the system to the public was fulfilled with the sponsorship agreement made with the highly regarded Blanco Pro Cycling Team where it will be used to support racers in training and skill improvement. Pioneer will work closely with the Blanco team in utilizing the technology to improve the riding techniques and increase power output of their individual riders.

Pioneer’s SGX-CA900 cyclocomputer and SGY-PM900 pedaling monitor sensor is expected to debut in the marketplace mid 2013. Pioneer will also stay committed to full-scale entry into bicycle-related businesses.

About Blanco Pro Cycling team
Blanco Pro Cycling Team is a professional cycling team, successor of the former Rabobank. Since January 1st, a new team, a fresh start, a blank canvas. The Blanco Pro Cycling Team riders and staff are determined to create an upbeat and transparent future. The team will play a role in taking cycling to where it belongs; in the heart and mind of cycling fans around the world. The team will build and foster great cycling talent and will inspire a new generation of riders and fans. The team is committed to perform at the highest level and will do so in an honest and trustworthy way. The team opened this cycling season with a jump-start. Youngster Tom-Jelte Slagter won the Tour Down Under. At this very moment the team has 10 victories in total (dd. 1st of March 2013)

Mathieu Heijboer, trainer at Blanco Pro Cycling Team says: “This new system gives me the possibility of collecting 'normal' parameters, like speed, heart-rate and cadence in combination with the unique left & right pedal-force data during training and races. In combination with GPS, this is the most complete and innovative power measurement system I've worked with.”

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About Pioneer’s Cyclocomputer system
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SGX-CA900 Cyclocomputer for professional cyclists
The high-performance cyclocomputer is designed for use by athletes aiming to improve their cycling skills. Uploading data onto a dedicated Web service facilitates detailed analysis of cycling data with the use of maps and graphs.

SGY-PM900 Pedaling Monitor Sensor
The pedaling monitor sensor is a training tool for boosting pedal force necessary for running faster and farther, and for improving pedaling efficiency. Pioneer’s proprietary technique of high-precision sensing determines the force exerted on the pedal, the direction of the force and pedaling efficiency on a real-time basis separately for the left and right pedals while cycling. Measurements are displayed on the cyclocomputer.