Pioneer Reveals New DVD Player to Complement Family Of High Quality Solutions For Broadcast And Production Industry at 2004 NAB

Full Suite of Audio, Video and Storage Applications will be Demonstrated

As broadcast professionals from around the world gather at this week's National Association of Broadcasters Conference to address critical issues facing the industry, they will be provided with a range of solutions for audio, video and storage needs from Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Pioneer’s new and existing DVD products offer unique features that enable electronic media professionals to do their jobs better, faster and easier.

Numerous broadcast professionals have already learned the advantages of Pioneer DVD products for archival, dailies, check discs and playback; as well as the benefits of Pioneer’s PureVision plasma displays for on-camera monitors as well as in-studio support and editing suites. At this year's show, they'll see a new solution for an entry-level industrial DVD player, and video/data asset management and storage.

“Pioneer is known for leading the industry in developing and bringing to market new optical disc technologies. We've created products, like our PRV-LX1 professional DVD recorder, that are specifically designed for this industry because we know the market and we know what features video professionals demand,” said Linda Toleno, vice president of industrial video and mass storage for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Visitors to Pioneer Booth C9622 at NAB will see first hand solutions such as:

  • Ultimate low-cost full-featured DVD player (DVD-V5000) - The DVD-V5000 is ideally suited to meet the rigorous demands of DVD professionals with features including: Frame Accurate Search, Power On Start, Bar Code Control, Brushless Motor and an RS-232C terminal that enables connection to a touch screen or custom control device. The DVD-V5000 is a great companion to other Pioneer DVD players and recorders for the professional who wants additional DVD playback capabilities for both NTSC and PAL.
  • Flagship professional DVD recorder (PRV-LX1) – DVD professionals were wowed at last year's NAB with the introduction of Pioneer’s flagship recorder. This professional product with 120GB hard drive offers powerful, real-time, high-speed recording to DVD-R and DVD-RW. It also offers the ability to customize menus and edit content. The award-winning PRV-LX1 will be demonstrated with the addition of new serial digital interface (SDI) input/output boards.
  • Family of FlexLibrary Storage Systems (DRM-7000 and DRM-3000) - The FlexLibrary systems offer a complete, cost-effective media archival solution to store and distribute valuable video and audio assets. With two library sizes available - up to 360 or 720 discs - Pioneer can offer a storage solution for mid-range and large storage needs, with the capacity to store up to six terabytes of video material. The FlexLibrary is a tremendous space and cost saver that is capable of replacing large tape libraries. Developers including MediaBacon, Pictron, Point and Qubit will showcase their applications using the Pioneer FlexLibraries.

  • World's first “8x8” dual format writer (DVR-A07XLA) - The DVR-A07XLA is a new dual format DVD/CD internal writer that offers the fastest DVD write speeds possible and also provides precision recording technology. The DVR-A07XLA is capable of writing at 8x speed on DVD-R discs and +R discs that are designed for this recording speed. The new drive also records high-speed DVD-RW and +RW discs at up to 4x speed, and CD-R and CD-RW discs at up to 24x speed. The drive absorbs vibration caused by imbalanced media and stabilizes media for higher quality writing and quieter read performance even at high speed.
  • Industrial DVD-Video Player (DVD-V7400) – This powerhouse DVD player has a high-performance brushless spindle motor combined with a heat and dust resistant enclosure for use in tough environments. Yet it has a small footprint that enables two players to fit side-by-side in a standard video rack system. Its features include RS-232C control, NTSC/PAL playback, mouse and keyboard control, frame accurate search capability, video blackboard functions and DVD barcode control, to name a few.
  • PureVision Plasma Displays (PDP-433CMX and PDP-503CMX): Pioneer's 43-inch and 50-inch true high definition PureVision plasma displays offer unrivaled image quality in their respective size categories, with open architecture for maximum connectivity today and in the future. Plasmas are becoming increasingly common as on-camera monitors as well as for in-studio support and in production and post-production editing suites. Broadcast professionals currently employing Pioneer plasmas include the Post Group, NBC “Passions”, Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Phil Show, Las Vegas and others.