Pioneer Professional Displays Offer Sophisticated Hidden Benefits

The increasing use of flat panel displays for digital signage, point-of-purchase, restaurant entertainment, and other business applications has transformed display-driven applications into striking visual communication devices.  Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. meets the growing demand from users who seek high performance display tools with the robust CMX professional plasma line.  The Pioneer 42” PDP-427CMX, 50” PDP-507CMX and 60” PDP-607CMX professional displays go beyond best-in-class picture and processing quality featuring “hidden” convenience capabilities that ensure seamless integration and dynamic functionality for an array of commercial uses.

Leading the market in professional display innovation, Pioneer has incorporated many unique capabilities found exclusively in its professional plasmas including: Picture-in-Picture options, Mirror Modes, Infrared (IR) and Key Lock and proprietary Expansion Solutions™ Technology. Custom integrators and end users can locate the technical guides through the company’s website,   Individual product pages feature a “documents” tab where users can directly access technical specs by entering password “pioneer.” 

“From installation to everyday operation, Pioneer plasmas are designed with our exclusive feature set aimed at streamlining the entire user experience with enhanced flexibility and protective solutions that decrease the total cost of ownership,” said Erin Harris, manager of marketing for professional products at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “By offering the most comprehensive series of built-in features, custom integrators can confidently design simple to extremely complex installations using Pioneer professional plasmas.”

Groundbreaking Features
Whether integrated in video walls, installed in high traffic locations or constantly updated to remain on the cutting edge, Pioneer’s industry-leading flat panel televisions are engineered with a bevy of versatile installation offerings for numerous applications to ensure longevity and peak performance well in to the future.  Among the most innovative proprietary features are:

  • Picture-in-Picture: Pioneer professional plasmas advance traditional picture-in-picture functionality to provide a powerful tool for digital signage applications.  Users can utilize a variety of size, positioning and playback capabilities for customized data, video, news ticker, and an array of side-by-side portrait modes.  This feature smoothly combines source and destination without requiring external processing equipment.
  • Mirror Modes: This setting allows installers to invert the on-screen image and manipulate it to appear left or right as well as up or down for a variety of display options. Mirror Mode is ideal for installations that may require quick access to connectivity ports by having them located at the top of the plasma. When used in airport or restaurant settings, the plasma can be placed upside down and with a few commands, integrators or end users can correctly reproduce the video while maintaining quick access to connections.
  • IR Key Lock: Designed to increase the display’s tamper resistance, this function allows users to lock out infrared buttons from being used when placed in a public environment.
  • Expansion Solutions Technology: Pioneer professional plasmas offer propriety Expansion Solutions technology allowing users to continually customize and transform their plasmas for a multitude of new uses well into the future.  Meeting the expanding requirements of communication technology, Pioneer is the industry’s only flat panel display that is compatible with third-party manufacturers’ expansion cards in addition to its own.  Through dual slots located at the back of the plasma, users can enhance the audio and video capabilities of the display by inserting a variety of compatible expansion cards.

The Pioneer 42” PDP-427CMX, 50” PDP-507CMX and 60” PDP-607CMX professional displays are currently available.


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