Pioneer Expands Industrial Display Offerings with 61-inch Plasma

Following its aggressive strategy in the plasma display industry, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduced the PDP-614MX, a 61-inch true progressive WXGA PureVision plasma display.

This high definition plasma display offers a resolution of 1365 X 768, and can accurately display personal computer signals ranging from VGA to UXGA, making it an excellent choice for system integrators and business users. The Pioneer professional plasma display combines a large 61-inch screen within a lightweight (135 pounds), ultra slim chassis (less than five inches) to meet the visual presentation demands of the 21st century.

The PDP-614MX has a wide viewing angle both horizontally and vertically with no flicker or distortion. This display meets the growing demands of a range of professional and business applications, including digital signage for airports, retail facilities, public events and in meeting rooms.

“The PDP-614MX fills an important place in the public display market, filling out the professional family of plasma displays along with Pioneer's 43-inch and 50-inch plasmas,” said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for the home entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “This is one in a long line of steps that positions Pioneer as the world's leading plasma display manufacturer. We will continue to expand our production capacity and our breadth of product line to meet the growing needs of the industrial plasma marketplace.”

The Pioneer PDP-614MX will be available October 2004.

The Industrial Display Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is the leading provider of plasma and video display products for business use. Pioneer introduced the industry's first 50-inch high definition plasma display in 1997 and continues to deliver innovative display solutions for professional audio/video, information technology, trade show, broadcast, legal, medical, education and transportation applications. In an effort to provide the highest quality of customer care, Pioneer professional plasma displays that are purchased through an authorized dealer, include a one-year warranty with convenient on-site service and technical support.


Screen Size 61” Diagonal
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1365 X 768 pixels
Pixel Pitch .99 mm X .99 mm
Input Signals RGB: (VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA / W-VGA, W-XGA,W-SXGA, W-UXGA); NTSC: (3.58 / 4.43); PAL: (B, G, M, N); PAL60; SECAM; HD; DVD; DTV
Input Terminals RGB/PC RGB1 (Analog) mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (shared with RGB1 output, selectable)
RGB2 (Analog) 5BNC x 1 (Y / Pb(Cb) / Pr(Cr) input
of 5BNC and common use, selectable)
RGB3 (Digital) DVI-D 25 pin x 1
(DVI 1,0 w HDCP)
Input Terminals Video Video1 BNC x 1 (shared with Video1 output, selectable)
Video2 RCA-pin x 1
Video3 S-Video: DIN 4-pin x 1
Input Terminals Component Component 1 = RCA-3pin (Y, Pb(Cb), Pr(Cr)) x 1
Component 2 = 5BNC x 1 (RGB input of 5BNC and common use, selectable)
Input Terminals Audio Stereo RCA x 3 (selectable)
External Control D-sub 9-pin x 1 (RS-232C)
Wired Remote Input Terminals Mini Jack x 1
Wired Remote Output Terminals Mini Jack x 1
Output Terminals Video BNC x 1 (shared with Video1 input, selectable)
Output Terminals RGB or Y/Pb(Cb)/ Pr(Cr) mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (shared with RGB1 input, selectable)
Audio Output Power for Speaker 9W+9W (at 6)
Power Sources 100-120V 50 / 60Hz
Current Rating 8.0A (max)
Power Consumptiom 540W (typical)
Dimensions 57.9" (W) x 34.7" (H) x 4.7" (D)
Weight 134.5 lbs.
Front Panel User Controls Power SW (ON / OFF), Input select SW ( Exit), Volume (up / down), Menu / Enter, left, right
Video Wall Functions 2X2, 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, multi screen
Patterns ABL 3 modes, Inverse, White, Orbiter, Screen, Wiper, Soft Focus
Other Features Programmable timer, Digital Zoom Function, Color Detail Adjustment, Key Lock, Auto Setup, Input Skip, Power On Mode.