Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Releases Contradictory DVD Compatibility Research from Intellikey Labs Two New Surveys From Same Company Report Different Results

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today released research results on DVD format compatibility conducted by Intellikey Labs in July 2002 that directly contradicts other data released by Intellikey earlier this week.

A summary of the Intellikey survey, which was funded by Pioneer, is as follows:

 Format Compatibility
DVD-R 78 percent
DVD+R  78 percent
DVD-RW  58 percent
DVD+RW  63 percent

"We agree with Intellikey that consumers have been struggling with the decision to purchase DVD-R/RW or +R/+RW recordable devices because of confusion about the recorded discs' playback compatibility. The nature of recordable DVD technology makes it difficult to draw a clear conclusion about compatibility - the variation between the two Intellikey test results clearly illustrates this. It is not in the consumer's best interest to present one set of results as conclusive evidence," said Andy Parsons, senior vice president for the Business Solutions Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Pioneer's belief is that the support of the DVD Forum - the organization that originally brought DVD to market - will be the overriding factor in the success of any of the recordable DVD formats.

Research Methodology:

Pioneer hired Intellikey Labs in July 2002 to analyze the performance of the competing recordable DVD formats for Pioneer's planning purposes.

The discs used for testing were created by Crest National, a well-respected production facility, using name brand computer drives on blank media from a variety of companies, including Pioneer, HP, Memorex, TDK, Sony and Verbatim. Each test disc included approximately 30 minutes of video content. The discs were tested on Intellikey's 100 domestic and international brand DVD players and DVD computer drives, including models dating as far back as 1997. Test results suggest that recent generation DVD players are generally better able to support playback of the recordable DVD formats tested.