Pioneer Brings High Definition To Set-Top Box

Voyagerâ„¢ 3511HD Unveiled at NCTA

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., a leader in cable television digital set-top boxes, today announced the newest addition to its Voyager product line, the Voyager 3511HD. The new low-cost set-top box is designed to meet growing consumer demand for high definition television (HDTV) in today's digital marketplace. Pioneer will showcase this innovation along with Pioneer Digital Technologies Inc.'s Passport™ 3.0 Navigation Suite in booth #1833 of the Morial Convention Center at the National Cable Television Association convention this week.

"Pioneer's new Voyager 3511HD set-top box enables cable operators to provide subscribers the most cutting edge of today's entertainment technology," said Mark Gurvey, vice president of marketing and sales for Pioneer's cable and communications division. "Depending on which formats the cable operators decide to send through their systems, cable customers will have the ability to decode a variety of high definition TV (HDTV) formats at a reasonable cost."

Pioneer's Voyager 3511HD offers viewers the ability to enjoy maximum picture quality from both analog and digital television sources and HDTV broadcasts. Voyager 3511 HD, which will begin shipping in late 2002, offers:

  • High definition decoding capabilities
  • Advanced dual processing power
  • Flexible memory configurations up to 32 MB of SDRAM memory
  • Built-in ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital decoder
  • Video outputs that can pass native 1080i signals (1,080 lines of resolution) - the highest resolution of HDTV to a video display, or down-convert those signals based on display limitations

Pioneer will demonstrate the cinema quality transmission of the Voyager 3511 HD using its own award-winning 16 x 9 plasma displays.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., Cable and Communications

Pioneer has a 25-year history as a leading hardware provider in the cable television industry. The company has deployed more than 10 million analog and digital cable set-top boxes within the U.S., featuring the Voyager(tm) series of advanced digital cable products. With its steadfast dedication to technological development, Pioneer's Cable and Communications Group continues to be an innovative leader in the cable television industry. It is a part of Business Solutions Division, which provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, educational, medical, legal and banking. Pioneer enjoys a 12 percent market share of digital set-top boxes in the United States. It is one of only three companies enjoying a major share among digital set-top boxes deployed in the country today. Visit Pioneer Cable and Communications at

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For more than 25 years, Pioneer has been a leading provider in the cable television industry. Today, Pioneer Digital has deployed more than 3 million copies of its Passport Navigation Suite to several cable systems on a variety of digital cable set-top platforms. With its steadfast dedication to technological development, Pioneer Digital continues to be an innovative leader in developing software and services for the cable television industry. Visit Pioneer at