Experience Music Project Seattle Preserves The Past With Tools From The Future

Hot Music Museum Uses Pioneer's DVD Technology for a Cool Edge

Experience Music Project (EMP), an interactive museum dedicated to the celebration of music as part of pop culture, is using Pioneer's DVD recording technology to bring music exhibits to life. Armed with Pioneer's PRV-9000 pro DVD-Video recorder, EMP is able to create high quality DVD-Video discs with visually stimulating content as an important part of numerous exhibits from disco to the blues. The discs are played back from Pioneer's reliable and easy-to-operate DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video player on Sony plasma monitors in EMP's temp gallery and in its traveling exhibits.

Simple To Use DVD Recording

The PRV-9000, Pioneer's first generation desktop Pro DVD-Video Recorder, is capable of recording a DVD-Video disc in real time without the need for any additional hardware or software. The PRV-9000 can record and play back multiple disc formats, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW. It also can play back DVD Video, CD Audio and Video CD discs.

Reliable DVD Playback

Pioneer's DVD-V7400 provides consistent and high quality video playback, a very important consideration for the museum's visually intensive entertainment. The DVD-V7400 can be programmed to automatically power-on and off and operate throughout the day without incident to provide sharp, life-like images. The DVD-Video player's rugged design makes it ideal for enduring the rigors of daily use and serves as a playback device of choice for EMP.

"Prior to the adoption of Pioneer's PRV-9000, after I completed exhibit films I would have to go out-of-house to burn my final DVD," said Kara Costa, video producer and editor for EMP. "The PRV-9000 serves as a one-stop solution that enables EMP to maximize use of constrained budgets by keeping production operations in-house."

The PRV-9000 is a valuable tool to promote EMP's exhibits in a challenging economic environment. One of the museum's goals is to expose its exhibits to as many visitors as possible.  EMP in cooperation with museums and galleries across the country engages an extensive traveling exhibit program. To keep costs low, the traveling exhibits' contents are recorded onto DVD for easy shipment and display. With DVD, EMP can easily share exhibits with partner museums with minimal set-up costs, allowing an ever-larger number of visitors to enjoy EMP's exhibits.

"Pioneer prides itself in offering cutting-edge technology that empowers users to meet their mission-critical objectives within the scope of their projects," said Linda Toleno, vice president of industrial video sales and marketing for the Business Solutions Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "The PRV-9000 is a prime example of how an organization can effectively overcome the added cost of outsourcing services and successfully streamline its operations while still safeguarding its resources and archives for the future."

About EMP

EMP's mission is to provide dynamic, multi-faceted, ever-changing experiences through new and exciting exploration of American pop music that both entertains and engages visitors in the creative process. EMP is a one-of-a-kind music museum combining interactive and interpretive exhibits to tell the story of the creative, innovative and rebellious expression that defines American popular music. Featuring a world-class collection of artifacts, unique architecture by Frank O. Gehry, state-of-the-art technology, and exciting interactive presentations, EMP encourages visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the power and joy of music in its many forms.

About Pioneer

Pioneer's Professional Video Group is the leader and technical innovator in optical disc technology for the industrial market. It is a part of the Business Solutions Division, which provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, educational, medical, legal and banking.