Con Edison Learning Center Gets a Charge Out of Pioneer Industrial DVD-Video Players

New York's Leading Energy Service Provider Embraces the Power of DVD-Video

For more than 100 years, Con Edison has kept New York humming by supplying energy to the city's businesses, homes and tourist attractions. Today, Con Edison is giving back to the people who help keep the city buzzing by providing employees and community members with educational opportunities at the Con Edison Learning Center.

Offering high tech courses to individuals within the company and community, the Learning Center needed a reliable, high tech means to recognize and display accomplishments of class participants and the company as a whole. Replacing its previous set of six slide projectors, which showed still images on video cubes, the Learning Center renovated its former multimedia system by installing six rugged and reliable Pioneer industrial DVD-Video players, model DVD-V7200.

"The Learning Center needed a system that would add interest and excitement to our presentation by showing high quality images and help us to show Con Edison's commitment to its employees and community members," said Pat Wheeler, director of marketing at Con Edison. "Pioneer's industrial DVD-Video player was the obvious choice because it was reliable and had the capabilities we needed."

Unlike projectors that require regular maintenance, the durable DVD-Video players can run continuously throughout the day without incident - providing sharp, crisp, life-like images for a unique presentation. In fact, the industrial design of the DVD-Video player makes it ideal for enduring the rigors of daily use in a corporate display environment.

"There is no more of the 'blank screen syndrome' that happens with projectors - leaving a crowd wondering what is broken," said Wheeler. "New York City relies on Con Edison to provide the energy that keeps it going. Con Edison's Learning Center can provide the same high quality to its visitors and students that its customers demand by using the power of Pioneer's DVD-Video technology."

For the Learning Center, reliability and quality were not the only concerns. Convenience and low maintenance of automatic hardware were also priorities, and the Power-On Start feature of Pioneer's DVD-Video player, provided the solution. Making the installation virtually plug-and-play, the Power-On Start function allows the Learning Center to simultaneously pre-set the multiple player's ON and OFF times and program particular video segments for playback on each day of the week.

"The programmability feature was one of the key reasons that Con Edison chose to use the DVD-Video players in the Learning Center," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Industrial Video Division. "A busy environment of work and learning requires that presentation items run with little maintenance and without the hassle of turning them off-and-on every day. Con Edison was able to program the DVD players to turn on at 6 a.m. and off at 8 p.m. - allowing each to run automatically with very little supervision."

While the old display was considered state-of-the-art at the time it was installed, years of wear and tear left what had once been an exciting presentation dull and lifeless. By using Pioneer's DVD-Video players, Con Edison obtained the easy-to-use high tech presentation system it needed to reliably promote the company's accomplishments.

The Industrial Video division of Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., is the leader and technical innovator in optical disc technology for professional DVD applications in business, training and education markets. Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., is a subsidiary of Pioneer Electronic Corporation.

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