Plan Your Next Adventure with the New Pioneer SGX-CA600 GPS Navigation Cycle Computer

New Color Cycle Computer Offers Bluetooth Integration and Advanced Navigation Features to Help Cyclists Analyze Ride Metrics and Improve Performance

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Cycle Sports Division today introduced the SGX-CA600 GPS Navigation Cycle Computer, a new color cycle computer created to support cyclists riding with Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor systems as well as ANT+ and Bluetooth® Low Energy-enabled power meters to improve performance and achieve their goals. The CA600 is designed for easy, accurate and detailed navigation, and advanced connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+®, ANT+ FE-C, and Wi-Fi® integration for seamless synergy with industry leading third parties including Strava, TrainingPeaks®, and Zwift®. In winter 2018, Pioneer is also introducing a new smartphone application, the Cyclo-Sphere Control app, which provides the rider with easy set-up and maintenance, the ability to download routes, upload ride history and much more all via the rider’s smartphone.

“The introduction of the CA600 brings Pioneer’s expertise in mobile electronics manufacturing into the ‘connected’ cycle computer category, focusing on cycling-centric GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and rugged race-ready build quality with advanced connectivity all cyclists will enjoy,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Pioneer cycle computers have proven themselves with WorldTour professional cycling teams, which is where we felt the cycle computer performance benchmark needed to be set. Whatever your reason for riding, whether it’s racing, training or exploring, we’ve created the ultimate connected cycle computer built to meet the expectations and varied needs of different riders, from professional athletes to amateur competitors, club riders, weekend warriors, and even novice cyclists.”


  • GPS Navigation
    • Map location tracking
    • Turn-by-turn and highlighted route navigation
    • Cue sheet directions
    • Auto corner scaling – automatically zooms the rider’s route screen as he or she approaches next planned turn
    • Route downloading from route builder services including Strava Routes and Ride with GPS™ with available features such as course profile, off course alert, and turn-by-turn messaging
  • Connectivity
    • The new computer has a variety of connectivity options: Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+ and Wi-Fi, enabling wireless connectivity with:
      • Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere Control application compatible with iPhones® and Android™ devices.1 The app helps with set-up and configuration for easy management of desired display settings, device connection and firmware updating. The app also includes the Live Pedaling feature that offers riders the ability to see Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor left and right leg Force Vector display, as well as primary power metrics on the face of the compatible device. The Live Pedaling feature is ideal for riders’ training on indoor trainers to utilize a second screen for detailed pedaling analysis or bike fit adjustments.
      • Heart rate monitors, power meters, speed/cadence sensors and other connected devices
      • ANT+ to Bluetooth Converter for easy power meter connection to Zwift
      • ANT+ FE-C Support – ANT+ Fitness Equipment Control allows a rider to simulate a course or past ride, program a structured workout, set target power or resistance via the CA600 and control a connected FE-C trainer
      • Cyclo-Sphere, Pioneer’s free online cloud service created for after-ride analysis is available via PC or mobile application – access over 250 data points to analyze progress and track improvement
      • Check drivetrain status and battery status with electronic road bicycling shifting systems – Shimano® Di2 and SRAM Red® eTap®
      • Data Auto-Forwarding – Auto-forward ride data to popular training and community sites such as TrainingPeaks, Strava and Today’s Plan™
    • Ability to receive calls, emails and text alerts while riding
  • Tracking Features
    • Integrated with Strava Live Segments – riders can see performance updates on their favorite segments as they ride. Riders are also alerted as they approach the start of a segment and can check how they stack up against their personal record, nearest Strava friend or the overall leader as they ride
    • Pioneer Live Partner – see power and or heart rate data from up to three other cyclists also riding with CA600 computers
  • Power Metrics
    • When combined with a Pioneer power meter, ability to access Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor Power Metrics including Force Vector, Torque Chart and Pedaling Efficiency, to help uncover sources of pedaling imbalance and identify bike fit, power loss and absorption issues
    • TrainingPeaks power metrics: Normalized Power® (NP), Training Stress Score® (TSS®), Intensity Factor® (IF®) and WKO4’s latest Gross Power Released (GPR), Gross Power Absorbed (GPA), and Kurtotic Index (KI) power metrics
      ANT+ power metrics for torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness
      Auto bike select detects the sensors on each bike and automatically switches the CA600 bike profile to the bike being used
  • Training Metrics
    • Pioneer’s Training Assist enables riders to maximize use of their power meter and improve cycling performance by following 28 training modules or by creating their own Interval Trainings or FTP Test
    • Download and follow a TrainingPeaks training program with dedicated screen graphics, power targets, and escalation alert
    • Power training graphic color screen options with achievement alert for power balance, pedaling efficiency, Mean Maximum Power (MMP), TSS and IF
  • Specifications
    • 2.2" Color LCD Screen
    • Altimeter, accelerometer to measure road noise, barometer, thermometer
    • Control of UI screen via six buttons
    • Ten data screens, 17 different pattern options
    • Six bike profiles with auto bike select
    • Weight of 85 grams
    • Battery life – 12 hours with low energy mode
    • Cycle computer bar mount supplied
    • Compatible with Wahoo Fitness™ aftermarket mounts
    • Designed for IP66 and IP68 water and dust resistance

The SGX-CA600 GPS Navigation Cycle Computer will be available in fall 2018 at a suggested retail price of $359.99. For more information visit

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Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., headquartered in Torrance, Calif., is a preeminent manufacturer of leading-edge technology solutions for the mobile electronics aftermarket. Its affiliate Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. is a key supplier for Tier 1 automotive entertainment systems and components to vehicle manufactures. Pioneer is focused on creating the ultimate in-car entertainment experience with high performance audio and video components as well as connectivity with today’s smart devices. Building on more than 80 years of electronics experience, Pioneer has expanded into the cycle sports industry, designing world-class power meters and cycle computers for professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

1For a full list of Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere Control application devices, visit- Application will be available for download in fall 2018.
*Specifications are subject to change.

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