Pioneer Gives Consumers the Option to Add Its Dual-Leg Power Meter to Their Existing Shimano Cranks

SGY-PM9100C Power Meter Kit Includes Pioneer Installation onto Consumer Supplied Cranks

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Cycle Sports division today released the SGY-PM9100C Power Meter Kit, a new option for consumers to add Pioneer’s advanced dual-leg power meter to their existing compatible Shimano crankset. Available only through authorized retailers, the SGY-PM9100C Power Meter Kit is designed as a more affordable power meter solution for consumers who already own a Shimano® Dura-Ace® 9000 or Ultegra® 6800 crankset.

“We’ve been asked numerous times by both retailers and end users to offer our dual-leg power meter by itself,” said David Bales, manager of new business for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “With the SGY-PM9100C, we can now service consumers who already own a compatible Shimano crank. We recently set up a special facility to complete the installation process, so we’re able ensure proper installation of our system and conform to our own high-quality and strict guidelines.”

In the new program, consumers purchase the SGY-PM9100C directly from an authorized retailer who works with them through the entire Pioneer installation process. The SGY-PM9100C Power Meter Kit comes with the power meter components, packaging for returning the consumer crank, and a power meter installation “Birth Certificate” used to detail the complete install procedure. Once the SGY-PM9100C Kit is purchased, the dealer completes the birth certificate and includes it with the consumer’s crankset to be packaged and sent to Pioneer’s Central Installation Center (CIC) utilizing the included shipping box.

When the package reaches Pioneer’s CIC, it is unboxed, disassembled, cleaned, and assessed compatible for proper installation. Once compatibility is confirmed, the power meter is installed, assembled, and calibrated with the entire process estimated to last between seven-to-10 business days (relative to distance to California). Pioneer will keep in close communication with the dealer during the entire installation process.

Pioneer Dual-Leg Power Meter
As a leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronic products, Pioneer developed proprietary technology incorporated into the SGX-PM9100C power meter that accurately analyzes the pedaling stroke using six independent sensors (three located on each side of the crank). At every 30 degrees of each rotation, the robust design captures a variety of torque data that is continuously transmitted via a special Ant+™ stream.

The SGX-PM9100C is compatible with both the Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800 cranks. Adding only 66 grams of weight to the original Shimano cranks, the Pioneer system is one of the lightest crank-based power meters and the only true dual-leg power meter on the market.

The Pioneer SGY-PM9100C Power Meter Kit is now available at authorized retailers for a suggested retail price of $1,299.99.

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