Pioneer Expands Power Meter Kit Line-Up to Include More Crankset Options with Campagnolo, Cannondale, and Shimano XTR and XT Compatibility

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Cycle Sports division today announced the expansion of its power meter kit line-up to support popular crankset and crank arm brands* Campagnolo®, and Cannondale®, as well as Shimano® mountain bike models, XTR Trail and XT. The power meter kits are designed to add Pioneer’s power meter to existing compatible cranks and are available in three installation options: SGY-PM9100C Dual Leg Power Meter Kit for consumer supplied dual leg crankset, SGY-PMLTC Power Meter Upgrade Kit for consumer supplied left crank arm and SGY-PMRTC Power Meter Upgrade Kit for consumer supplied drive side crank. The power meter kits can be installed on the cyclist’s existing crank or crank arm to eliminate the need for investment in a second crank, making riding with power easy and economical. Each kit is built using the superior technology developed to meet the requirements of professional athletes competing at the world tour level and offering the same force direction data and advanced HDPower Metrics.

“We’ve listened to the cycling community and these new introductions meet some of our most frequently encountered requests including carbon and mountain bikes,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Any cyclist passionate about improving his or her riding performance, from weekend warriors to pros, will benefit with our power meter. It provides instant feedback and knowledge about your cycling capabilities. Every revolution is a revelation.”

The three power meter kits enable cyclists to ride with power in a few easy steps. Once the desired power meter kit is purchased from an authorized retailer, the corresponding crank, drive side crank or left crank arm is put in the box and shipped directly to Pioneer’s installation center, where the advanced power meter technology is installed. Pioneer has been performing the ship, install, and return procedure for over two years and the efficient system facilitates a quick turn-around of the consumer’s unit with the power meter. Throughout the entire process, Pioneer keeps in constant communication with the dealer.

HDPower Metrics
Access to Pioneer’s exclusive HDPower Metrics for enhanced power data and analysis is available by combining the SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer with any Pioneer power meter, dual or single leg. Adding Pioneer’s Cycle Computer enables the rider to see comprehensive performance analysis and highly detailed data, gathered from 12 points of measurement on the Single Leg Power Meter and 24 points of measurement on the Dual Leg Power Meter, and displayed graphically in real time on the display of the Cycle Computer, including Force Vectors and Torque Vectors graphics and Pedaling Efficiency.

Dual Leg Upgrade
Pioneer’s Single Leg Power Meter is adaptable and grows with the user. As riders’ power needs develop, Pioneer offers an upgrade path to the Dual Leg Power Meter system used by professionals. Transitioning from 12 points of measurement to 24 points of measurement, the Dual Leg Power Meter system offers the most accurate total power measurement and pedaling balance metrics critical to analyzing ride performance and revealing opportunities for ride improvement. For cyclists who want to upgrade to a Dual Leg Power Meter at a later date, Pioneer offers compatible kits, the SGY-PMLTC left crank arm and SGY-PMRTC right drive side upgrade kits. With 12 point and Dual Leg force measurement, Pioneer’s HD Power Meters help uncover sources of pedaling imbalance, identify bike fit, power loss and absorption issues, and are essential tools for improving pedaling technique and efficiency.

Power Meter Kit Compatibility

  • SGY-PM9100C (Dual Leg): Campagnolo Potenza™ 11, Shimano DURA-ACE® R9100, DURA-ACE 9000, ULTEGRA® 6800
  • SGY-PMRTC (Right Drive Side Crank): Campagnolo Potenza 11, Shimano DURA-ACE R9100, DURA-ACE 9000, ULTEGRA 6800
  • SGY-PMLTC (Left Arm Crank): Campagnolo Potenza 11, Cannondale® Si-SL2, Cannondale Si, Shimano DURA-ACE R9100, DURA-ACE 9000, ULTEGRA 6800, Shimano 105®, XTR Trail, XT

Additional Features

  • Easy connectivity with ANT+® compatible cycle computers and running watches
  • Riders with ANT+ computers will be able to see all ANT+ standardized power metrics supported by that computer
  • Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Water resistance rating: IPX-6 and IPX-7
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Integrated dual accelerometers for cadence measurement and error correction

The Pioneer power meter kits for consumer supplied cranks will be available in fall with suggest retail prices of $499.99 (SGY-PMLTC), $579.99 (SGY-PMRTC), and $999.99 (SGY-PM9100C).

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Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., is a preeminent manufacturer of leading-edge technology solutions for the mobile electronics aftermarket. Its affiliate Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. (PAT) is a key supplier for Tier 1 automotive entertainment systems and components to vehicle manufactures. Pioneer is focused on creating the ultimate in-car entertainment experience with high performance audio and video components as well as connectivity with today’s smart devices. Building on more than 75 years of electronics experience, Pioneer has expanded into the cycle sports industry, designing world-class power meters and cycle computers for professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

*Pioneer’s power meter is not compatible with all cranksets and crank arms of Campagnolo, and Cannondale. Check Pioneer’s Power Meter Kit Compatibility listed above for specific models.

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