Pioneer Pumps Out More sound with New Line of TS-A Series and Champion Subwoofers

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today released its new lines of automotive TS-A Series speakers and Champion Series subwoofers that deliver exceptional sound quality and performance. Pioneer’s new TS-A speakers feature a new Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone, lightweight dome midrange for brighter vocals, and a new aggressive cosmetic design. For powerful bass reproduction, the 2013 Champion Series subwoofers incorporate the newest technologies including a prism patterned IMPP Composite Seamless Cone, new drive cone construction, and improved flange assembly for maximum installation flexibility.

“Changing the factory speakers in the vehicle is the first step in building an impressive audio system,” said Ted Cardenas, vice president of marketing for the Car Electronics Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We’ve designed our new TS-A speakers and Champion Series subwoofers to generate a louder and more defined sound for a better audio experience.”

Refined Sound with Aggressive Looks
The design of the front grill covers of the new TS-A speakers are inspired by the faceplates of Pioneer’s 2013 single CD players. Available in 5-1/4”, 6-1/2”, 4” x 6”, 6” x 8” and 6” x 9” sizes to fit most vehicle applications, each speaker is aimed at providing loud and clear output for any type of music. Their sound quality results from a newly integrated Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone that is 30 percent lighter than similar Polypropylene cone designs, while providing increased accuracy, clarity and sensitivity. Although lightweight, the cone’s high-density structure handles high levels of power and reduces unwanted flexing to produce a richer mid-bass response.

Models TS-A6995R, TS-A6985R, TS-A1685R and component speakers offer new midrange and tweeter diaphragms with a higher sensitivity that helps to deliver an extended upper frequency range. The entire line of TS-A speakers can produce as much as two decibels higher output than competitive models with the same input power. The lightweight midrange design generates brighter vocals and midrange frequency response.

The TS-A speaker line-up is made up of the following models with suggested retail price starting at $80: TS-A1305C (5-1/2” component set), TS-A1605C (6-1/2” component set), TS-A6995R (6” x 9” 5-Way speaker), TS-A6985R (6” x 9” 4-Way speaker), TS-A6975R (6” x 9” 3-Way speaker), TS-A6965R (6” x 9” 3-Way speaker), TS-A1685R (6-1/2” 4-Way speaker), TS-A1375R (5-1/4” 3-Way speaker), TS-A1675R (6-1/2” 3-Way speaker), TS-A6885R (6” x 8” 4-Way speaker) and TS-A4675R (4” x 6” 3-Way speaker).

Subwoofers that Rise to the Occasion
For clean and powerful bass reproduction, Pioneer offers a new line of Champion series subwoofers consisting of the TS-W260S4 (10-inch), TS-W260D4 (10-inch), TS-W310S4 (12-inch) and TS-W310D4 (12-inch). Available in 10 and 12-inch versions and with dual or single 4-ohm voice coils, Champion subwoofers feature a new prism patterned seamless cone for strength and durability. The new cone design produces more air movement without unwanted flexing or “buckling” effects that can create distortion.

The new cone design is further reinforced by a new dual-layer Elastic Polymer Surround technology that is light and flexible yet dramatically more durable, resulting in a subwoofer that can reliably provide strong bass output.

Internal components of the subwoofer were also improved by using a four-layer copper voice coil with an aluminum former that improves heat dissipation for higher input power handling and increased reliability. Additionally, the subwoofer design incorporates air vents in the metal basket construction below the spider to help further cool the voice coil.

The Champion series subwoofers will be available in November with suggested retail prices of $100 (TS-W260S4), $110 (TS-W260D4), $120 (TS-W310S4) and $130 (TS-W310D4).

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