iPod®/iPhone® USB Interface Cable for AVIC, AVH, and MVH Models

  • Enjoy iPod® and iPhone® Direct Control
  • Audio and Video Compatible
  • USB and Mini-Plug Connections



Use the CD-IU50V interface cable to connect an iPod® or iPhone® directly into the receiver, and gain full, direct, adapter-free control via the receiver interface.

Plugs into the USB terminal, and audio/video connection through the mini-jack A/V or AUX input. Also, ensure the AV1 input is set to "iPod" prior to playback.

The CD-IU50V is compatible with the following models:

  • AVH-P6300BT, AVH-P3300BT, AVH-P2300DVD, AVH-P5200BT, AVH-P5200DVD AVH-P3200BT, AVH-P3200DVD, AVH-P3100DVD
  • MVH-P8300BT, MVH-P7300, MVH-P8200BT, MVH-P8200