DVR-105 & DVR-A05

Pioneer's DVR-A05 has achieved 4X write speed to DVD-R and 2X to DVD-RW. The DVR-A05 records up to 4.7GB of video in just 15 minutes. Improving the recording speed provides an easy to use writing environment.


Compatible Media: DVS-R47A/U DVS-R470SDD50 DVS-RW47B/U DVS-RP470SDF


Write Support:

  • DVD-R 4.7GB, DVD-RW 4.7GB
  • CD-R 700MB (type 80), CD-R 650MB (Type 74), CD-RW, High speed CD-RW

Read Support:

  • DVD-ROM & DVD-Video (Single & Dual layer)
  • CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA Mode 2 (form1, form2)
  • CD-DA CD-EXTRA (CD Plus), Video CD, Photo-CD (single or multi-session)
  • CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

Write Speed:

  • DVD-R: 4X (Requires 4X DVD-R Media), 2X, 1X
  • DVD-RW: 2X(Requires 2X DVD-R Media), 1X
  • CD-R: 16X, 12X, 8X, 4X
  • CD-RW: 8X, 4X

Read Speed:

  • DVD-ROM (Single): Max 12X CAV
  • DVD-ROM (Dual): Max 8X CAV
  • DVD-R, DVD-RW: Max 6X CAV
  • CD-ROM: Max 32X CAV
  • CD-R, CD-RW: Max 32X CAV
  • CD-DA: Max 32X CAV
  • Video-CD: 4X CLV

*When DVD-ROM Single Layer Disc and CD-ROM Mode 1 Disc are used

  • Interface: ATAPI (PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA Mode2), Ultra DMA 33 (Ultra DMA Mode2)
  • Audio Interface: Analog out
  • Data Buffer: 2 Mbytes
  • Mounting Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 148 X 42.3 X 198mm 5-13/16" x 1-11/16" x 7-13/16"
  • Net Weight: 1.1kg 2.42lbs.
Description File Size
Product Brochure 300 kb
DVRA05 & DVR-105 General Specifications 255 kb
DVR-A05 Operating Instructions (multi-language version) 1,874 kb
DVR-A05 Software Installation Guide (SIG - English) 1,230 kb
DVR-A05 Software Installation Guide Guide (SIG - French) 1,088 kb
DVR-A05 System Requirements (Hardware & Software) 34 kb
DVR-A05 Warranty Statement (in English) 87 kb
DVR-A05 Warranty Statement (in French) 84 kb
DVD Media Compatibility Chart 84 kb
DVR-A05 & DVR-105 Frequently Asked Questions 19 kb

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Description File Size
DVR-A05 & DVR-105 firmware update to version 1.33B 1,530 kb
DVR-A05 firmware update to version 1.30 for MAC systems 1,180 kb
Software Update from Roxio for Easy CD Creator when installed on a Windows 2000 system 99 kb
RPC2 sets the drive to Region 1 (not required for Windows 2000) 55 kb
Device Info & firmware level detector 232 kb