ATAPI Internal DVD-ROM Drive



  • Tray Load Disc mechanism
  • High speed average access time: DVD-ROM: 95ms,
  • High speed average seek time: DVD-ROM 85ms.
  • ATAPI (ATA/ATAPI-5, Ultra DMA66).
  • Supports Windows95/98/2000/XP Plug&Play, Windows NT3.51/4.0/Windows3.1, MS-DOS6 or Later.
  • Newly developed loading mechanism for increased reliability.
  • New construction transverse mechanism, base chassis, disc clamper and thicker metal cover all contribute to lowering the acoustic noise and vibration levels.
  • The drive length has been reduced to fall in line with the new industry standard 198mm.


Supported Disc Formats

DVD-ROM & Video (Single and Dual Layer)
DVD-R (DVD-RAM not supported)
CD-ROM (Mode 1)
CD-RW (Supports AM2)
CD-ROM XA Mode2 (form 1, form 2)
Photo-CD, (Single or Multi-session)
CD-DA(4-10X at Audio play, 16X at data extraction)

Media Diameter

120 mm/80 mm


ATA PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA
Mode2/Ultra DMA Mode 4

Mean Time Between Failure

100,000 POH (20% duty)

Data Transfer Rate:
DVD-ROM (Single Layer)

DVD-ROM: 8910~21600Kbytes/sec. (6.6X - 16X)
CD-ROM: 2586~ 6000 Kbytes/sec. (17.2X - 40X)

Average Random Seek Time

DVD-ROM 85ms
CD-ROM 80ms

Average Random Access Time

DVD-ROM 95ms
CD-ROM 90ms

Acoustic Noise (Playback)

Less than 49dB(A)
Sound Power measurement

Data Buffer Capacity

256 KB

Headphone Connector

Stereo Mini-Jack

Output Level

0.7 ± 0.1 Vrms (Line Out) 10kOhm Load

Frequency Response

17Hz ~ 20KHz (±2.5 dB)

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.1% or less

Dimensions (W x H x D)

146 x 41.3 x 198 mm

Operating Voltage

+ 12V, + 5V

The drive automatically slows down the disc rotation speed to ensure reliable data reading when the disc is unbalanced, warped or scratched. In this situation the data transfer rate is reduced to less than what is specified above. All DVD related specifications are based on a single layer DVD-ROM disc. No DVD Player Software is included with this model.

Description File Size
Device data and firmware version detector 232 kb