SCSI 40X (Tray) CD-ROM Drive

  • Sustained data transfer rate: 6.000 KB/s(Max.)
  • Average Access time: 70ms and average random seek time: 60ms
  • Ultra SCSI
  • Supports all mainstream CD standards and formats
  • High-speed text and graphics database retrieval
  • Mount Horizontally or Vertically
Description File Size
DR-966 General Specifications 21 kb
DR-966 User's Manual 42 kb
SCSI-2 Command Set Reference Manual 662 kb
Macintosh Driver Installation Inspection Checklist 85 kb
DOS Driver Installation Inspection Checklist & Guide 358 kb
Description File Size
Device data and firmware version detector 232 kb
SCSI 305 DOS driver 122 kb
Macintosh driver 235 kb
Pioneer CD-ROM driver for MAC systems 52 kb