In-Dash HDD Navigation and Multimedia AV Receiver with DVD

  • Intelligent Double DIN HDD Navigation System with DVD
  • HDD Music Library (10GB) with Voice Command
  • XM NavTraffic™ Ready


The AVIC-Z1 is a double-DIN sized, all-in-one navigation system that uses a 30GB hard disk drive (HDD), to deliver information, entertainment, and convenience to drivers. The large-capacity HDD stores the entire Tele Atlas database, including nearly 11 million points of interest (POI) in more than 341 categories. The large 7-inch screen shows a high-resolution map with easy-to-recognize icons, and touch-panel operation permits quick access to navigation functions and audio-visual sources. The intelligent system makes driving even easier and safer with the following advanced functions:

Learning Capability
The AVIC-Z1 is the first system that "remembers" frequently traveled roads and uses historical information to help you navigate. The system can suggest which routes will be most familiar to you.

Smart Routing Algorithm
The AVIC-Z1 uses a "smart routing algorithm" to analyze and assess routes by taking into account current road data — such as posted speed limits, number of turns to the destination, etc. — and recommends the most efficient path.

Voice RecognitionAdvanced Voice Recognition with Larger Vocabulary
The AVIC-Z1's advanced voice recognition makes voice command much easier than ever. You can search for destinations by saying a name — like "LAX" — without having to specify a category, such as "airport." Full address searches can be done by saying the city name, street name, and address. The system can also accept multiple commands, such as "go to LAX and display San Francisco." In addition, the system can recognize a larger vocabulary than ever, letting you use alternative words for the same command — such as "go to" or "search," instead of "destination." Voice commands for audio-visual sources and other attachments like Bluetooth wireless technology enabled cellular phones are just as easy.

Enhanced Voice Guidance
The AVIC-Z1 uses a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine and Tele Atlas phoneme data, which enables the system to pronounce specific street names when warning the driver. For example, the system will pronounce "turn right on La Jolla Street" with an "H", greatly improving its assistance ability.

Gracenote CDDBHDD Music Library with Voice Command
The AVIC-Z1 can use 10GB of its HDD space for a music library. You can listen to music while at the same time ripping and storing at 4 times playing speed. The system also includes the Gracenote CDDB™ Music Recognition Service, which automatically "tags" the music you record with the artist name, song title, genre, and album title. This lets you directly access the music library's content by simply saying the artist name, song title, genre, or album title.

The Gracenote CDDB database for your AVIC-Z1 is updated every 6 months.  Download the latest version here.

Bluetooth TechnologyAvailable Bluetooth Wireless Technology*
Get the available ND-BT1 Bluetooth Adapter , and use the AVIC-Z1 with compatible Bluetooth cellular phones for easy, safe, and hands-free operation, including talking via the headunit's microphone and your vehicle's speaker system. The system automatically mutes any other audio during incoming or outgoing calls. You can store the phone book, then access it by voice or the touch screen display. For even more convenience, you can access phone numbers associated with the POI database, letting you call the location you are being guided to.
*Optional ND-BT1 adapter required

"Factory-Fit" Style
The AVIC-Z1 is designed for a perfect fit in many vehicles that feature a "double-DIN" size. The system seems to melt into the dashboard, providing a fit and finish similar to the factory systems. The front panel is motorized to provide access to the hidden disc slots, and the default position can be set to any of 6 choices for the optimum viewing angle. Buttons for important features are positioned for easy operation.

Touch Panel Operation
Using Pioneer's navigation system is a snap. Just touch large, bright icons on the screen to navigate menus, plot routes, or change map views. An easy to read status indicator provides current location information, turn distances and approximate time to destination. The touch screen has extremely fast response rates and a wide viewing angle.

Audio Entertainment System
The AVIC-Z1 is a full-featured audio entertainment system. The built-in DVD/CD player allows you to play either DVD Video (for the rear seat entertainment capability), or play CD's with Audio or MP3 files. Listen to AM/FM radio from the high-performance Supertuner IIID tuner. Your music comes alive with maximum power (MOSFET50) and sound performance (Easy EQ).

XM NavTrafficXM NavTraffic™ Ready
Using the available GEX-P10XMT XM NavTraffic Satellite Radio Tuner, XM NavTraffic™* powered by NAVTEQ Traffic allows Pioneer Navigation Systems to serve as a powerful tool that helps the driver understand traffic conditions and routes the driver to their destination avoiding traffic congestion. If there is a traffic jam on the route to your destination, the Navigation System will automatically alert you, and suggest any alternate route found by the unit.
* Requires XM radio subscription and XM NavTraffic™ service subscriptions sold separately.

Enhanced Graphical XM Audio Interface
When combined with the GEX-P10XMT, the AVIC-Z1 features a new user-friendly interface with specific icons for channels and categories. Each of more than 120 XM Radio channels comes with a specific icon. This ensures easy channel identification, especially when searching with the “List Search” function. Channel categories also come with specific icons, for intuitive selection among corresponding channels. Up to 12 favorite songs on XM Radio can be registered using the "MEMO" key. If a registered song is playing on another channel. a notification will pop up and ask if you would like to change to the channel currently playing the song.

iPod Adapter Ready with Enhanced Touch-Panel Interface
Pioneer's iPod adapter (CD-IB100II) permits direct control and playback of iPod through the touch-panel. The AVIC-Z1 can be connected with an iPod via this dedicated adapter, and using the touch panel, listeners can play iPod-recorded songs, scroll through the music library on their iPod, or select from several functions like Shuffle playback.

Rear View Camera Capability
Keep an eye on your backside using the optional Rear View Camera (ND-BC2). Two rear-view modes are offered: while you're in reverse the rear-view camera can be in full screen. Or while moving forward, you can also see what's behind you with the rear-view split screen, which displays both the navigation map and the rear-view camera image.

Roadside Assistance Display
The AVIC-Z1 ensures extremely easy access to roadside assistance information.  The unit shows emergency phone numbers and your current location — by street name, city, and state, plus longitude and latitude. The units also display any personal information you've entered, including vehicle identification number, insurance number, and insurance company phone number. There is even a dedicated icon for easily locating the nearest car dealer.


*Do not use your AVIC-Z1 while driving if doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules. In some states certain operations of your AVIC-Z1 while driving may be illegal. Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed.

* Optional GEX-P10XMT (sold separately) required for traffic information integration. Also requires XM Radio and XM NavTraffic ™, service subscription (sold separately). The availability of satellite data (XM NavTraffic and GPS) depends on the ability of the antenna to receive a satellite signal. The signal may be unavailable if obstructed (e.g., by buildings, mountains, trees, bridges, bad weather, etc.). Also, XM NavTraffic™ data may be unavailable or not current if the original data source is not providing data (e.g., scheduled or unscheduled downtime) or has not been updated itself, or if there is a time lag between the time the original data source is updated and when you receive the updated XM NavTraffic data.
* Roadside Assistance Service provided by Signature's Nationwide Autoclub, Inc. See registration for full details and restrictions. The service is currently scheduled to become available starting in June 2005. Separate registration with Signature's Nationwide Autoclub, Inc. is required to receive the free service.

* CDDB is a registered trademark of Gracenote. The Gracenote logo and logotype, the Gracenote CDDB logo and logotype, and the "Powered by Gracenote CDDB" logo are trademarks of Gracenote. Music Recognition Service and MRS are service marks of Gracenote.
* The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. © Bluetooth SIG, Inc. 2006
* iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.
* XM Satellite Radio is a subscription service not affiliated with Pioneer Electronics - service is available only in the 48 continental U.S. states (not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories). More information is available at www.xmradio.com.
* Sirius Satellite Radio is a subscription service not affiliated with Pioneer Electronics - service is available only in the 48 continental U.S. states (not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories). More information is available at www.siriusradio.com.

Display Features
  • 7.0 Inch / 16:9
  • 336,960 (1,440 x 234)
  • AG
  • 15 Navi, 15 A/V
  • JPEG (CD-R)
  • Intelligent
  • Brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, Dimmer Settings
  • Motorized Disc Access
HDD Music Library
  • 10GB
  • Included
  • Title/Artist/Genre (Album & Track)
  • Included
  • CD-ROM
  • Album/Artist/Genre/MyMix
  • Playlist/All
  • Playlist/Track
  • Yes
  • 4x (Auto/Single/Manual)
  • Audio CD only
  • Yes
DVD/CD Player
  • 1 (DVD/CD)
  • CD/CD-R/-RW
  • CD
Supertuner (AM/FM Radio)
  • Supertuner IIID
  • Selectable (4-Step)
Digital Radio Capability
  • Enhanced Graphical (GEX-P10XMT or GEX-P920XM Required)
  • Yes (SIR-PNR2 Required)
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Optional ND-BT1
  • (w/ND-BT1)
iPod Control Capability
  • Adapter (CD-IB100II Required)
Receiver Features
  • CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 required
  • 2
  • 1 (AV1)
  • Video Output
  • Tri-Zone (Front/Rear/Navi)
  • DVD-V
Audio Features
  • MOSFET 50W x 4
  • 22W x 4
  • EEQ (3-Band Parametric)
  • 3 Mode
  • 50/80/125Hz, -12dB/Oct.
  • 50/80/125Hz, -12dB/Oct.
  • 3 pair (Front, Rear, Sub/Non-Fading)
  • 2.2V, 1k Ohm
Multi-Channel Audio
  • Optional DEQ-P8000
  • AXM-P8000 Required
  • Optional (CD-SR1)
  • 2DIN (7" x 4" x 6-1/2")
  • None
  • Not required
  • 1 Year


  • 2006 International CES Innovations Honoree
  • CNET Best of CES - Car Technology


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Firmware Updates

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Gracenote CDDB Update

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