2-Channel Dual Recording 1440p WQHD (Wide Quad HD) Dash Camera System

  • Main/Front and Second/Rear Camera Included
  • 1440p Wide Quad HD Video Quality (2560 x1440p) Main Camera
  • Full 1080p HD Video Quality (1920 x 1080p) Rear Camera
  • Large 3” Screen, Supporting Front & Rear Camera Viewing and Video Playback
  • STARVIS™ CMOS Sensors


The Pioneer VREC-DH300D is a 2-channel dual recording dash camera system that mounts a Wide Quad HD (WQHD) 1440p dash camera directly to your vehicle’s front windscreen and a Full HD 1080p compact second camera to your vehicle’s rear window, capturing video of both the road ahead and behind. The main unit records a diagonal wide viewing angle of 135° with WQHD technology for enhanced imagery under low light or night conditions. The rear camera is compact and features a diagonal wide viewing angle of 128° with Full HD technology to achieve higher camera visual recognition performance in both light and dark conditions. Both front and rear cameras feature a STARVIS™ back-illuminated CMOS sensor that constantly adjusts the image quality producing bright, richly colored videos and identification-level recordings that capture critical details such as license plates, road signs, and traffic signals. Additional features include a 3" LCD display on the front camera/main unit for easy operation and built-in GPS for speed/location/heading/time data acquisition, If an incident occurs while driving, the built-in 3-axis G-Force motion sensor will detect the vibration and automatically capture and save video 20 seconds before and after an incident is detected.

wide angle lense

Wide Viewing Angle

The main/front camera features a 135° diagonal viewing angle lens and the second/rear camera features a diagonal viewing angle of 128° to capture both the road ahead and behind.

GPS image

Built-in GPS

The VREC-DH300D features built-in GPS to accurately record important information such as your current position, vehicle speed, direction of travel and time.

night time mode viewing


Clear Full HD 1440p main/front camera and 1080p second/rear camera wide-angle video recordings with high sensitivity and high quality to capture exceptional details, even in low light conditions using STARVIS™ back-illuminated CMOS sensor technology to constantly adjust the image quality to produce bright, richly colored imagery, and identification-level images including license plates in dark or near-infrared light regions.


night time mode image

Easy Installation

The VREC-DH300D features an easy installation designed to simplify wiring for a clean install where tangled wires are not an option.

g sensor 3 axel image


The VREC-DH300D had a 3-Axis G-Sensor to detect significant or sudden impact and automatically locks the video file being produced at the time and stored in a separate folder. In addition, the G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted in increments of 7 steps to customize impact detections.

hardware update kit

Dash Cam Hardwire Kit (Optional)

The Pioneer RD-HWK200 dash cam hardwire kit when paired with the VREC-DH300D allows continuous recording in parking mode to monitor your vehicle after the engine is turned off. The hardwire kit eliminates the need to have your dash camera plugged into your car's 12V outlet (car cigarette socket) by providing the camera with its own power supply.

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What’s in the Box

  • Main Unit
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Rear Camera with 9' 10" cable
  • Rear camera connection cable 19' 8"
  • Cigarette lighter power cable 13' 2"
  • 16 GB microSDHC Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty Sheet
  • Main/Front and Second/Rear Camera Included
  • 3.0" LCD Screen
  • Main Unit: 90.5 mm × 101.9 mm × 36 mm (3-5/8 in. × 4 in. 1-3/8 in.) (width × height × depth) Rear/Second camera: 58.9 mm × 25.1 mm × 31.5 mm (2-3/8 in. × 1 in. 1-1/4 in.) (width × height × depth)
  • Approx. 3.7 million pixels (on-board high-sensitivity CMOS sensor)
  • Main Unit: Wide Quad HD 2560x1440p Rear/Second Camera: Full HD 1920x1080p
  • Main Unit: 112° horizontal, 60° vertical, 135° diagonal Rear/Second Camera: 105° horizontal, 55° vertical, 128° diagonal
  • Main Unit: F1.4 Rear/Second Camera: F1.8
  • 27.0 fps
  • Video recording/event recording/manual event recording
  • microSDHC Card (16 GB) Included
  • Main Unit: DC 5 V (12 V / 24 V cigarette lighter power cable included)
  • Pioneer VREC-DH300D - Whats in the Box

    Pioneer VREC-DH300D - Whats in the Box

  • Pioneer RD-HWK200 Upgrade Hard Wire Upgrade Kit - Whats in the Box

    Pioneer RD-HWK200 Upgrade Hard Wire Upgrade Kit - Whats in the Box

  • VREC-DH300D - System Overview

    VREC-DH300D - System Overview

Audio Recording Notice (Printable)