Bumper Radar Sensors, Microwave Radar Technology, Speed Sensing - Blind Spot Detection

  • Bumper Radar Sensors with built-in control
  • High accuracy digital microwave radar technology
  • Interior audible and LED indicator alerts
  • GPS unit for speed sensing
  • Bumper Radar Sensors are IPX6 and IPX7 rated
  • LED indicators with pre-installed silver color covers (black covers also included)
  • 3-year limited warranty

The Pioneer Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) SDA-BS900 is designed to assist in detecting vehicles entering your vehicle’s blind spot zone*. While driving, the SDA-BS900 will detect vehicles entering your blind spot zone around the rear of your vehicle and in the lanes on the left and right with an approximate range of up to 82 feet. Additionally, objects approaching in either blind spot from the side-rear of your vehicle can detect up to 6.5 ft before and during a lane change maneuver.

The SDA-BS900’s microwave radar sensors will detect vehicles approaching or overtaking your vehicle from the rear, or when your vehicle is approaching or overtaking moving vehicles. When you’re slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway, cross traffic approaching from your left or right entering your blind spot zone will activate the buzzer and the LED indicator(s) to signal the direction of approaching vehicles and warn the driver.

* This product functions as an aid for notifying the presence of obstacles in vehicle blind spots. It does not detect all dangers and obstacles and is not a substitute for your judgment and careful attention. Before any maneuver, visually check both sides of the vehicle to confirm.

SDA_BS900 - blind spot diagram image

GPS Antenna Included

The SDA-BS900 comes with a GPS antenna, which is used to calculate your vehicle’s relative moving speed. On startup, it may take up to 2 minutes to engage; once engaged, both LED indicators will flash twice to indicate the GPS system is active. The factory default is set to detect and warn at speeds above 18 mph. At speeds under 18 mph, objects will not be detected.

SDA_BS900 - Rear Sensor Bumper Install

Bumper Radar Sensors with built-in Control Unit Installation

The SDA-BS900 can only be installed behind plastic bumpers and cannot be placed behind metal bumpers. When mounting the sensors, ensure the sensors are not obstructed by any metal objects, which could result in false readings. Placement of the sensors should be in the rear corners of the bumper, perpendicular to the ground, and should be between the lowest line of the taillight and the highest line of the fog light.

SDA_BS900 - Rear Sensor Bumper Install

IPX6 and IPX7 Rating

The SDA-BD900 bumper radar microwave sensors with built-in Control Units are IPX6 and IPX7 rated.

SDA_BS900 - IPX rating image

Blind Spot Reading Accuracy

Situations which may affect the SDA-BD900’s reading accuracy include

  • When metal objects are in the direct path of the sensing signal.
  • Weather such as heavy rain and snow, and icy road conditions, which can cause changes in sensitivity.
  • Gravel roads, which may cause interference due to dust, debris, or foreign objects.

Blind Spot’s Effectiveness

The SDA-BD900 may also be compromised in its effectiveness in the case of

  • Incorrect angle installation of sensors.
  • Vehicles with metal obstructions in front of the sensor.
  • Improperly mounted sensor location on vehicle.
SDA_BS900 - Rear Sensor Bumper Install
  • Bumper Radar Sensor
  • 3 Year Limited
  • Radar Sensor: IPX6/IPX7
Sensor Information
  • 70 ° (Horizontal)
  • 0.5 mph ~ 37 mph
  • <0.5 mph
  • >= 18 mph
  • 9 ~ 18 V
  • 400mA
  • (-) 40 ° F ~ 185 ° F
  • 2A
Direction of Movement and Detection Range
  • (-)6.5' ~ 82'
  • (-)6.5' ~ 82'
  • (-)6.5' ~ 82'
  • Right and Left Rear Bumper Corners
  • 1 set
  • 1 Set
  • 1 Piece
  • 1 Set
  • 2 Sets (2 Black and 2 Silver)
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