What do I need to connect an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 device to the AVH-X3600BHS?

In order to connect an iPhone with a Lightning connector, you need the following:
- CD-IV203, VGA interface kit
- Lightning to VGA adapter from Apple
- Lightning to USB cable

Switch the "Device Connection" setting to show "iPhone via Bluetooth".

To switch the setting, follow these steps:
Disconnect the iPhone from the Pioneer unit.
Turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone.
Press the Home button on the Pioneer unit.
Select the OFF icon.
Press the Home button again.
Select the SYSTEM icon.
Touch "Device Connection"; it will move to the top of the screen.
Touch Device Connection multiple times until it says "iPhone via Bluetooth".
Press the Home button to exit the menu.
Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and connect to the Pioneer radio.
Using the above accessories, connect the iPhone by cable to the Pioneer radio.

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