HD Radio™ Tuner for Pioneer "HD Radio Ready" Receivers

  • Enjoy CD-like Digital Sound Quality From Your Favorite FM & AM Radio Stations
  • Advanced Audio and Data Features Enhance Your Listening Experience
  • Subscription FREE!





Designed to receive high-quality HD Radio™ broadcasts for most Pioneer car stereos, this HD Radio™ tuner is a hideaway module that connects through the Pioneer headunit’s IP-BUS interface.


HD Radio is the only system for digital AM and FM broadcasting in the U.S. Currently more than 1,000 radio stations are broadcasting primary signals in digital HD Radio™ technology, as a free service.  That's right, no subscription charges!

For a complete list of HD Radio™ stations currently broadcasting in the United States or to learn more about HD Radio™ Technology please visit



  • Expanded selection of stations and content
    • New music, new artist, new genres, and even new music from abroad
    • New kinds of programs you’ve never listened to before
    • New experimental formats that no one has ever heard
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Enjoy less static and higher quality sound
    • FM stations now with CD-quality sound
    • AM stations now with FM-quality sound
    • Crystal-clear reception with no audio distortion
  • iTunes HD Radio Tagging Capable (with DEH-P710BT or DEH-P7100BT) Learn more


Pioneer CD, DVD, and Navigation receivers can now add HD Radio™ with the GEX-P20HD tuner. What does this mean to you? It means that radio stations can transmit additional information like song titles, artists, and even multi-cast two different programs simultaneously, providing you with a wider variety of entertainment options for just the cost of the tuner. Should the digital signal be lost, HD Radio™ will default back to analog until the signal is regained.

Compatible with many Pioneer CD, DVD, and Navigation receivers that offer an IP-BUS interface. Some limitations of display and control. Please review Owner's Manual(s) for more details.