Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

  • Dash camera add-on hardwire kit
  • Enables Parking Mode for compatible Pioneer dash cams
  • Battery low voltage protection
  • Adjustable timer settings


The Pioneer RD-HWK200 dash cam hardwire kit when paired with a compatible Pioneer dash camera allows continuous recording in parking mode to monitor your vehicle after the engine is turned off. The hardwire kit eliminates the need to have your dash camera plugged into your car's 12V outlet (car cigarette socket) by providing the camera with its own power supply. An adjustable timer feature allows you to choose a time lapsed setting of 1 hr. up to 12 hrs. maximum. The power module also monitors battery voltage and turns off the dash camera if low voltage is detected, preventing the vehicle battery from draining.

parking survalance image

Parking Surveillance Mode

The Pioneer RD-HWK200 hardwire kit allows your dash camera to be your silent witness, even when you're not there. The hardwire kit contains all the components required to connect to a car battery or fuse box power to uninterruptedly supply power to your dash camera even after the engine off. Adjustable low voltage protection and timer settings allows custom configurations for your compatible Pioneer dash camera.

adjustable power selector

Adjustable Low Voltage Protection

Built-in low voltage protection system protects the vehicle's battery from going flat. If the voltage of your car battery drops below a specific voltage, the device will automatically cut off the power to the dash camera to protect the vehicle's battery from going flat.

adjustable timer selector

Adjustable Timer Settings

The adjustable timer setting allows you to customize how long you want to continue recording/receiving power after you leave your vehicle for a duration of 1, 3, 6 or 12 hrs. As an added feature, if the vehicle’s battery voltage drops below a voltage cutoff settings value, the RD-HWK200 will automatically stop operation regardless of set times. This timer function is only active when the engine is turned off and automatically stops when the vehicle has been started or running.

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Dash Camera ACC Selection

The RD-HWK200 ACC (ignition-switched) feature allows the dash cam to switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle’s engine is turned off and switch back to normal recording after the vehicle’s engine turns on. The unit features two selectable ACC options dependent on the type of dash camera configured with this kit. *

Selecting the “A” Mode switch position for ACC linked dash camera activates Parking mode when the vehicle’s engine is turned off and maintains camera operation based on the vehicles selected battery power voltage setting.

Selecting the “B” mode switch position for non-ACC linked cameras which also includes the VREC-DH300D provides continuous recording once the vehicle’s engine is turned off until either the designated battery voltage drops or set time expires. The timer setting cannot be disabled if set to “B” mode.

*Note: Operate ACC linkage switch in accordance with the specifications of the Pioneer Dash Camera model.

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Easy Installation

The Pioneer RD-HWK200 hardwire kit allows installation wires to be tucked away inside the vehicle for a neat and tidy appearance while releasing the cigarette lighter power outlet for another device such as your cell phone or USB charger.

Note: Installation should be performed by an authorized Pioneer Electronics dealer or installer.

What’s in the Box

  • Main Unit
  • Installation Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty Sheet
  • Pioneer RD-HWK200 Upgrade Hard Wire Upgrade Kit - Whats in the Box

    Pioneer RD-HWK200 Upgrade Hard Wire Upgrade Kit - Whats in the Box